Timeless visual design to increase conversion

Great websites using foundational design principles

Nov 16, 2021

Jan 30, 2022



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Design is thousands of years old. Our ancestors started drawing pictograms in caves. They were trying to say something.
Fast forward to our modern times the underlying principles and goals of design remain the same.

What visual design does

At its core, design does 3 things:
grabs attention, conveys a message, and guides to action.

There are many applications of design: from posters to magazines, from websites to mobile apps. The goal of design remains the same.
For a landing page, they fit like a glove.

Grab Attention

You can grab someone's attention by breaking a pattern people learned. Surprise them.

Generation of marketeers used our subconscious refined by evolution. Things like: fear, sex, food, danger, or nature. People today are overwhelmed by ads that try to abuse this.
We have become less sensitive to it.

VW Beetle ad print campaign. Considered revolutionary at the time.

For your website, you can grab the attention by showing quality and care to your “Hero” section. Care for your product and users. 
Grab someone's attention with a great image, illustration or video. You don't have to be super creative, just give it some love.

There is an overwhelming amount of poor landing pages, with overused stock illustrations and photos. If you can't find an amazing graphic yourself, hire an illustrator or designer. However, the tips that I share will have a huge impact already. And people notice it.

Spline.design and Scrapingbee example of well crafted landing pages
Spline.design and Scrapingbee example of well crafted landing pages

Convey a message

Once you grab someone's attention don't miss your chance to convey your message.
Make it as easy as possible for people to scan and "get the gist of it".

The message usually is multi-layered: 

  • Convey quality and care about what you are building. I hope you used the advice from the previous point
  • Explain what problem are you trying to solve. How are you solving it.
Framer Sites with a bold message. Visually and as a statement

WWF grabs attention with the image and conveys a strong message

Guide to action

Once you have people's attention. They grasped your message. What do you want them to do next?
Ads want to get into your subconscious mind for your next visit to the grocery store. Your website needs to make it as seamless as possible to convert visitors into customers.

Use your call to action and simple flow to conversion. 

Lemonsqueezy as godd example of simple and strong Call To Action
Lemonsqueezy as good example of simple and strong Call To Action

🐟 Just give me the fish

Refine every word in your Headline until it's great. The image, video or illustration should be very well crafted.
Avoid stock illustrations that can be seen on thousands of websites.

Have one call to action, easy to use.